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2008 Buffalo Roam Project

Featuring the 2008 "Buffalo Roam" buffalo artwork by Michael Meissner, fortunate to be asked to be one of the ten participating artists in the West Yellowstone, Montana "Buffalo Roam" art project for 2008. The "canvas" that was painted were 3/4 scale fiberglass buffalo calf models, developed into dramatic creations by western artists from Montana, Colorado, Wyoming and Minnesota. The completed works joined the twenty-five cow buffalo models developed in 2007.

The models were completed by April 2008 and were publicly unveiled on Saturday 14 June, 2008 to be placed on public display at sponsoring businesses around West Yellowstone and within Yellowstone Park. They remained on display until August 2009 when all "Buffalo Roam" creations were auctioned by the West Yellowstone Economic Development committee to benefit the community.

A total of (34) cow and calf creations were publicly auctioned on Saturday, 29 August 2009 in West Yellowstone, Montana. A percentage of the sale price went to the participating artists, and the remainder was donated to the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and the Big Brother and Big Sister programs in and around West Yellowstone.

It has been an exciting and rewarding project and the auction proceeds will go far to benefit the West Yellowstone community.


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Updated Monday 1 September, 2009 10:19PM Mountain Time